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why Use a broker?

avoid the banks

With expert knowledge and experience, we save you time and money.

The complex and competitive world of mortgages is constantly changing and growing. There have never been more options and products available to homeowners than today. As your time is valuable and precious, my job is to pay attention to the mortgage details so you don’t have to. 

Choosing the wrong mortgage can cost you thousands of unnecessary dollars. It pays to work with a mortgage broker who is professionally trained to ensure you’re getting the BEST product, and representation. Let me save you money!

Greg Horvath sitting in bench

We ensure your application is professional and successful.

First impressions are huge and when it comes to your mortgage, it’s no exception! When working with a Mortgage Broker, your complete application will be built by a professional. Remember, presentation is crucial. Brokers are experts who understand how and to whom present your application to in order to get an immediate response and the best offer!

we offer Limitless, professional help catered to your specific needs.

Big banks are limited to only offer their products. As a licensed mortgage professional, I am not restricted to one type of product. I am able to offer my clients more affordable choices that make more sense for their particular situation. I can search through each lender’s products and find the mortgage suited to each clients specific needs.

Chartered banks credit unions Trusts private funding 

We have access to it all!

My experience in the field has led me to develop professional relationships with private sources of funds and termed private lenders. These lenders can provide many various mortgage products not available at conventional sources.

The BEST rates and faster approvals, guaranteed

Mortgage Brokers deal with lenders on a day to day basis. We understand which types of mortgages each lender prefers, who has higher rates and why they may have higher rates. This is invaluable information. It equates to fast response times and minimal wasted time and energy, leading to fast approvals for my clients.


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